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Office Designer Denver

Whether you work from home, need a place to manage bills or an area to study, you deserve a home office that meets your needs without compromising style. Contrary to popular belief, your home office doesn’t have to be a traditionally formal space that takes up an entire room in your home. Dahl House Design works with offices of any size, in any location of your home, from full rooms to small nooks. Our goal is to transform your current office space into an area that encourages productivity and success, or create an office from another area of your home with these same goals.

Regardless of how you use your office, it’s important that the space reflects your taste and covers your needs. If you find that your office stays disorganized, is hard to maneuver through and doesn’t help your productivity, our office designers can help.

Does My Home Office Need Design Help?

Offices are work spaces that are often overlooked in the design process and it’s easy to do. In an area of your home associated with work and productivity, it’s not uncommon to be focused on completing tasks instead of how the space works for you. Office design not only improves efficiency but also how you progress through your workday. Think about it: an office that is inviting and organized is easier to work in than a drab, cluttered space. Dahl House Design’s team can help improve the space where you work and manage your home every day. It may be time to give our office designers a call if you are facing any of these common office design issues:

  • My office is always cluttered. Offices have a knack for filling up with paper and work clutter, making it difficult to find things or stay organized. Instead of wasting precious work time searching for what you need, allow our office designers to create storage solutions that truly work.
  • I leave my office to take calls or communicate. If your office isn’t conducive to making phone or video calls, that’s a major issue. As your home base for work operations, an office should be the best place to communicate with others. Our office designers can create quiet spaces that make phone calls easy and visually dynamic spaces that look great during video chats and conferences.
  • There are cords everywhere. One downside to technology is all the cables! Instead of ignoring with them, let the Dahl House Design team hide away cords that interfere with the look of your room. Our floor plan services show the best way to set up your office, accounting for cords, cables and large office equipment.
  • It’s uncomfortable to work here. If your office furniture isn’t comfortable, you likely won’t be productive. If you find yourself moving to other parts of the house for a more enjoyable work experience, let us know! Our furniture selection and placement services can identify the best office furniture for a comfortable and productive workday.
  • I have constant interruptions. Privacy in a home office is important, especially when dealing with complex or highly focused work. Our office designers can add elements of privacy to your home office to reduce interruptions and give you peace of mind while working.

Let Our Office Designers Solve Your Design Woes

Instead of settling for a sub-par home office, give Dahl House Design a call. Unlike other office designers, we provide office solutions based on your personal style. Our goal is to create a productive and inviting effect every time you enter your office. Our eye for design and attention to detail means we can worry about the fine details while you focus on something else (like work).