Living Room Designer

Living Room Designer Colorado

Living rooms are important spaces in your home because they offer the area for family, friends and loved ones to gather. If you’ve been closing the door to your living room, avoiding it or loathing its appearance — don’t worry. The Dahl House Design team can transform an unusable or uncomfortable living room into an area you’ll want to show off.

How Can a Living Room Designer Help Me?

Living rooms can be the heart of your home. Often in the center of your home or the first space you see upon entering your home, living rooms say a lot about your family and how you spend your time. If you feel like your living room isn’t making the best statement, or is a poor reflection of you or your family,  let our living room designers take charge to create a space that stands out.

Living Room Designer DenverAs commonly used spaces, living rooms can encounter many problems that impact their functionality and comfort. If you face any of these issues with your living room space, it may be time to call our design team for help in upgrading your home:

  • Outdated or poorly functioning furniture: An uncomfortable couch isn’t going to beckon you into the room at the end of a long work day. An old TV stand that takes up too much space and doesn’t fit your electronics won’t make using them any easier. Dahl House Design offers furniture selection and space planning services, meaning we can find the perfect couch, accent tables and entertainment systems that match exactly what you’re looking for. We know that furniture selection can be taxing — let our living room designers find pieces that match your vision and budget, all while keeping you in control. Unlike other design firms, we won’t push you to purchase items that you aren’t in love with.
  • Minimal décor, or design that’s just not you: If your personal style preferences have changed, your living room should reflect that! Or, if you’ve struggled to find just the right items to decorate your zone, our living room designers can help. Let us design intriguing elements for your living room that provide interest and functionality.
  • Your collections have taken over: Whether you’re an avid reader, record collector or an art connoisseur, collections can take up a large amount of space. Our living room designers are skilled at creating storage solutions that not only show off your collection but also create clean and clutter-free areas for you to enjoy.
  • Dim lighting: Many rooms come with basic & generic lighting — but based on your use of a room, that may not be enough. Instead of dealing with dark spots throughout your living room, let our design team offer lighting options that create a bright, welcoming space to relax and entertain.

Why Working With Our Living Room Designers is Different

Dahl House Design’s goal is to design your forever home — a place that exactly reflects you and your passions. We strive to put you and your individual needs at the center of the design process instead of offering pre-packaged solutions. Our living room designers walk you through the entire design and renovation process from start to finish, keeping you confident about changes to your home and excited with the final design.