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Busy schedules, dining out and poorly functioning design. What do all of these things have in common? They’re general reasons why many people don’t use their kitchens to the fullest extent. Dahl House Design’s team of kitchen designers enjoys bringing new life to your kitchen, allowing you to fully utilize a space that is so crucial to everyday life.

Kitchens are heavily used areas of your home — everyone needs to eat and drink — but if outdated design or poorly functioning appliances and layouts are keeping you out, then it’s time for an upgrade. Dahl House Design’s kitchen designers are dedicated to reinvigorating difficult to use spaces, transforming them into an area where you’ll enjoy cooking a weeknight meal or entertaining friends and family.

Does My Kitchen Need a Redesign or Renovation?

Many people put up with an outdated or poor kitchen design because this area of your home often seems more difficult to renovate. From pricey appliances to countless kinds of countertops and flooring, as well as the know-how needed for plumbing and electrical work, kitchen design and renovation can be overwhelming.  Luckily, the Dahl House Design team is experienced with kitchen design projects, meaning you’re in good hands when it comes to creating a space you’ll want to use.

Deciding if your kitchen needs an update or a full renovation can be difficult. Setting aside budget and your time-strapped schedule, consider these points:

  • My kitchen appliances are poorly functioning. Stoves, dishwashers and refrigerators that aren’t working properly can cause frustration. Instead of dealing with subpar or older appliances, our kitchen designers can select new appliances that fit your personal style while operating at top capacity.
  • The design of my kitchen is outdated and embarrassing. Did you move into an older home with dated design or simply haven’t changed a thing in a while? Dahl House Design specializes in designing kitchens that reflect your style without compromising on functionality. Unlike other designers, we won’t create a space that isn’t you — our goal is for you to truly love your home.
  • It’s difficult to cook or clean my kitchen. Taking time out of your busy day to cook a healthy, nutritious meal is difficult enough. Kitchen floor planning is important because it allows cooking, cleaning and dining in your kitchen to be easy. If you find that the setup of your kitchen leads to added stress, let our kitchen designers lead you through a design or renovation project.
  • I wish my kitchen had a dining space. Breakfast nooks or islands are phenomenal additions to kitchens that make mealtime easy. If you’ve always wanted a dining area within your kitchen but don’t know how to make it a reality, give our kitchen designers a call.

Kitchen Designer Denver

How Our Kitchen Designers Can Help

Dahl House Design offers a variety of services that can improve your kitchen’s design and efficiency. While every design project is different, we offer:

  • Paint and color consultations for an upgraded color palette
  • Flooring selection for improved floors
  • Conceptual design development for accessible & custom workspace
  • Project planning and management for renovation projects
  • Hardware, appliance, and fixture installations to meet your kitchen needs

These services, along with our focus on your vision, set Dahl House Design apart from other design firms. Contact us today on

303‑995‑7796 to learn more about our kitchen design services.