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Kids Bedroom Designer Colorado

Children’s bedrooms are multifunctional spaces meant for play, sleep and imagination. Designing a space filled with inspiration and functionality can be difficult, but with help from Dahl House Design’s kid’s bedroom designers, it doesn’t have to be.

Every child deserves a space that encourages wonder and play while still offering the functionality of day-to-day tasks. Creating a room that fits these needs can be tricky, especially in small homes, on limited budgets or with multiple children. Instead of settling for a lone color or a constantly overflowing toy chest, give our kid’s bedroom designers a call. Our mission is to create a new look for your child’s room while maintaining all the “grown-up” needs such as working storage space and versatility.

Common Complaints Our Kid’s Bedroom Designers Hear

Kids grow quickly and evolving a space that matches their pace can be difficult. When you add the standard needs of a bedroom, such as comfortable sleeping space and compact storage, to your child’s personal interests, tackling a room can be overwhelming. Our kid’s bedroom designers have experience with a variety of bedrooms and can offer solutions. Some of the most common complaints we hear about designing children’s bedrooms include:

  • Small area: Kid’s bedrooms are often smaller spaces within a home, meaning they can be difficult to design with all needs in mind. Instead of giving up on a room transformation, let Dahl House Design help. Our kid’s bedroom designers are able to explore options that open up a room and take advantage of small space to utilize all aspects of the area. Our design team can create a new floor plan that takes all needs into account.
  • Minimal storage space: Kids have a lot of belongings. Clothes, toys, books — the list goes on. Finding a place to store all of these items can be difficult in areas with small closets or no storage space. Our kid’s bedroom designers can offer your child’s area functional options that are personalized to the room, giving your child a place to store things between play dates.
  • Safety concerns: All parents are concerned for their children, and at Dahl House Design, we are, too. Our passion for creating personal design takes safety strongly into consideration. Unlike other design firms, we’ll provide options that are age-appropriate for your child to help prevent falls, tip overs and other safety concerns. We want your child’s space to be enjoyable and safe.
  • Need for lasting design: Your child’s interests can change quickly over time and our team understands. Our kid’s bedroom designers are focused on building a space that can grow with your child’s needs and interests. And, we offer redesign services, meaning that as your child ages, our team can step in to help reinvigorate & reinvent the room.

Kids Bedroom Designer Denver

Dahl House Design Offers Nursery Design, Too

Our kid’s bedroom designers can design for all ages of children, from newborn to teenagers. Let us relieve the stress of designing a comforting nursery by handling all of the work while you focus on other tasks before a new baby arrives. With your vision in mind for your child’s first bedroom, our kid’s bedroom designers can turn a blank or currently used space into a nursery that reflects your style and hopes for your new family. Our goal is to create a forever home for you and your loved ones, one space at a time.