Family Room Designer

Family rooms are meant to be comfortable, enjoyable spaces to spend time with those you care about. That’s why Dahl House Design is dedicated to ensuring our family room designers offer you the exact space you have always wanted. When it comes to creating your “forever home,” we are focused on designing a family room where every member of your household can play, relax and enjoy company.

How Family Room Design is Different

Family Room Designer DenverMany people use “family room” and “living room” interchangeably when describing the area where they enjoy relaxing or watching television. Contrary to popular belief, there is a difference between these two kinds of rooms and how many people use them — and it’s not just local vernacular.

  • Multipurpose space: Living rooms are often used for entertaining visitors and guests as well as friends and family. This differs from a family room, which is often a less formal space that has multiple purposes. While living rooms are generally used for one purpose, family rooms are often dedicated to a variety of uses such as play, relaxation, work and entertainment. Many people use family rooms as an office away from work, allowing them to still be present with family while multitasking. Other family rooms incorporate a dining area — either separate from a formal dining room or combining the two spaces — which makes sharing family meals easier. Our family room designers are skilled at helping you determine the best uses for your space and designing a room that reflects those needs.
  • Less formal areas: Many living rooms have more formal décor, which makes sense since they are often used for entertaining. Family rooms are great areas to incorporate a relaxed design and fun details that reflect a laid-back vibe. Since family rooms are often a place for children to play, they reflect a joyful space that can also tastefully store toys and other recreational items. Dahl House Design’s family room designers can help set a mood for your space by offering color consultations, window treatment options and furniture selection & layout— all important aspects for creating your perfect family room.
  • Location: Living rooms, often called front rooms, are often closer to the front or center of the home, while family rooms often have access to a dining room, kitchen or an outdoor area. While the setup of your home does impact how you use it, our family room designers know that your dreams for a space are more important than the formal definition of a room. We are able to transform current spaces in your home to create the perfect family room or manage a renovation to expand a room or portion of your home. Our floor planning abilities can help turn any room into a comfortable, useable space for your family to enjoy.

Our Family Room Designers Create Just For You

Unlike other interior designers, Dahl House Design is focused on offering a truly personalized space instead of a standard duplicate. Our design team takes your vision and input seriously, incorporating it while finding solutions to unusable and dull spaces in your home. We’re passionate about bringing spaces to life, together with you!