Closet Designer

Closet Designer ColoradoAccording to the LA Times, the average American household has 300,000 items — that’s everything from clothing and furniture to books and ironing boards. And while it may not seem like you have that many things, it can definitley feel like it when searching through a closet or basement for one item. Because our homes have so many items necessary for daily living, not to mention hobbies or recreation, storage can sometimes feel problematic. A very common homeowner complaint is that their homes don’t have enough useable storage space and/or too few closets.

Fortunately, Dahl House Design’s closet designers are skilled when it comes to improving your closet or storage area. Instead of dealing with a too-small storage closet or struggling to choose outfits in a cramped closet, let our team of closet designers revitalize your space to meet all of your needs and style preferences.

Common Closet Issues Our Closet Designers Tackle

Closets are notorious for having too little space or being barebones, making it difficult to house the items in your home. Our closet designers hear other complaints about client’s closets, too:

  • Minimal lighting: Many closets are designed without any kind of lighting, making it difficult to find items you need in a dark space. While cheap or unsightly options like adhesive lights are an option, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a better, long-term solution. Dahl House Design is able to identify the best lighting solutions for your closet space and arrange for the right contractors to make installation easy.
  • Awkward or unusable space: Closets are often designed when a house is constructed, meaning it can seem difficult to expand a closet or modify it on your own. Luckily, Dahl House Design provides closet design services to best make use of narrow, tall or poorly placed closets while also offering options for expansion.
  • Disorganization: Finding an organization system that fits your specific needs can be tricky, but our closet designers are skilled at identifying and installing the best options for your closet. Our team is able to analyze the space and create a plan that not only maximizes your closet’s potential, but leaves you feeling inspired to get organized.

While department and home improvement stores can offer some storage and closet solutions, Dahl House Design’s closet designers have the ability to upgrade and personalize your closet space specifically for your needs. Instead of settling for an out-of-box solution that partially works, our closet designers can create a unique closet system that makes storage and organization simple. Our hands-on process involves your preferences from the initial consultation through the final design, allowing you to see the plan and progress of your closet upgrade. Unlike other designers, Dahl House Design offers customized solutions instead of cookie cutter options.

Designing Dream Closets For Our Clients

If your home has the potential for a dream closet, why not start the design process today? Dahl House Design enjoys reworking small and large closets alike, meaning we create successful systems for large and small closets. If your walk-through or walk-in closet has the potential but not enough practicality, allow our closet designer team to create a truly organized experience that gives you joy instead of stress when you open the door.