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Basement Designer Colorado

Dahl House Design is the preeminent basement designer in Denver, Colorado, and offers renovation and design services for all areas of your home. Overtaking a basement renovation or design project can seem overwhelming and costly but with help from Dahl House Design’s basement designers, turning a problematic basement into a dream living or activity space is possible. Instead of wondering if it’s possible, call our team of basement designers to make your dream space a reality!

When it comes to redesigning or remodeling a basement, there is a lot of work to be done to make a space functional and enjoyable. If your basement isn’t either, then it’s time to consider calling Dahl House Design for an upgrade. But how do you know that your basement needs a facelift?

Common Basement Design Issues

Basements can be problematic areas to decorate or use to their fullest potential for a variety of reasons. The most common are:

  • Dated furnishings: If the last time you updated your basement’s look was 1980, it may be time for a facelift. Many people pump the breaks on updating their basement for fear that doing so is too costly. Luckily, Dahl House Design works within any budget to help upgrade your area. Our basement designers are focused on fitting the needs for your space with your personal touch — all with budget in mind.
  • Dark, dingy areas: Basements get a bad reputation for being creepy, musty areas. But our design team can take a dark space and transform it into an area of your home that you won’t want to leave. Dahl House Design’s focus on creating a space you will enjoy helps our basement designers seek out the best remedies for brightening spaces and making them cozy additions to your home.
  • Unfinished work: Many homeowners purchase a house with an unfinished basement, only for it to become a storage area instead of a den or activity room (we get it — it’s a lot of work). Our team enjoys working with the raw materials of a space to build an area that fits all of your storage, relaxation or recreation needs. Let us mold a bare concrete basement into an area of your home that you will enjoy utilize.

Basement Designer Denver

How Our Basement Designers Can Help

Dahl House Design is passionate about designing spaces that reflect you! Unlike other basement designers, our team is focused on your needs instead of a creating a showy portfolio project. We will work within your goals and budget to create a stunning and personalized space, and we are happy to do so. Our basement designer team is focused on performing top-notch work that you can later build upon for future design or other remodeling projects.

Basement design is about more than picking out furniture or selecting a new color palette —though, we do help with those things. Reinvigorating an unused basement into a den for cheering on your favorite sports team or a space for your favorite hobby is what we are passionate about. Our goal is to create a forever home that is truly yours.