Remodels Colorado

Your home is an investment that you use every single day. And like many kinds of investments, it takes some upkeep for it to remain in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, many remodeling and renovation projects arise after some damage has been done to a home, the home has aged, or the space in your home just isn’t working any longer. In many of these cases, Dahl House Design can help!

When a remodel or renovation is necessary, some homeowners begin considering the idea of purchasing a new home. Even if you love your space, it can be tempting to start fresh somewhere else. But, like any solid investment, sticking with your home and giving it a facelift can be more satisfying than starting over. Dahl House Design enjoys helping people fall back in love with their home and offers a variety of remodel and renovation services to do just that.

Why Should I Remodel Instead of Moving?

You’ve already invested a lot of time, mortgage payments and effort into your current home. Many people consider searching for a new home instead of remodeling if they’re looking to relocate to a new area or their home no longer fits the size of their family. If you are content with your region and home size, a smart option is to consider remodeling areas of your home instead of moving. While it’s normal to become tired of some of your home’s features, choosing to remodel can save money in the long run (over the cost of a new home) and allows you to redesign spaces that no longer work. A much-needed facelift can help you repurpose problematic areas or remove them altogether. With Dahl House Design as your guide, renovating can be an exciting experience that helps you enjoy your home once again.

How Dahl House Design Can Help With Your Remodel

Remodels DenverAt Dahl House Design, our goal is to make your current home your forever home. This means we offer solutions for the areas of your home that you dislike, such as a dated kitchen with minimal counter space or an unfinished and unused basement. Our Complete Design Package allows us to walk you through a remodel for a particular room or entire home, keeping your preferences, personal style and budget in mind the entire time.

With Dahl House Design, every project is planned and managed by our designer team. Our clients can see potential changes through our conceptual design development, which shows how the final product will look. And, with services such as window treatment selection, fabric coordination, flooring selection and furniture selection and placement, we are able to transform your home’s prior look completely based on the vision for your home. Unlike other designers, Dahl House Design is focused on creating a truly unique and personalized space. We believe that no two homes should be the same.

Many remodel projects seem to drag on or face unexpected issues. Dahl House Design’s remodel and construction management services allow us to take away much of the stress associated with a renovation as well as the hard work. Our dedication to working with experienced and professional contractors ensures your home is in safe hands as it undergoes improvements. Every design project is different, but Dahl House Design is committed to quality work that lasts in your forever home.