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Lighting your home is about more than just overhead lighting and lamps. In fact, the brightness of your space can impact how you feel while in it and how you use it. For this reason, Dahl House Design offers interior lighting design services to help you make the most of your space.

Many homes are sold with just one source of lighting in each room, often an overhead light. But you may have realized that one light just isn’t enough. Minimal lighting can make a room feel dark or cast shadows in areas, making it difficult to read or enjoy activities. On the other end of the spectrum, some rooms may have too much or too bright of lighting, which can make a space feel clinical or highlight a room’s imperfections.

Do I Need to Hire a Lighting Designer?

While it’s easy to “fix” lighting issues by purchasing another lamp or a different overhead lighting system, many times these solutions are temporary. Instead of spending more money on another lamp or fixture, let Dahl House Design develop a permanent solution. Our interior lighting designers are skilled at analyzing the needs of a room and combining your personal touch for lighting solutions that truly work and fit your home.

If you’re wondering about hiring an interior lighting designer, think about:

  • How often is the room too dark or too bright? If you feel that the lighting in your space is just never right, even with the addition or removal of extra lighting, give us a call. Our interior lighting designers can find lighting solutions that work perfectly without leaving you in the dark.
  • How old or dated are the lighting fixtures in your home? Just like old appliances, furniture or wallpaper, dated light fixtures can impact the feel of your home. In addition, many of these fixtures may not operate at peak performance. Our interior lighting designers can swap out these fixtures for better solutions that improve lighting and ambiance.
  • Are you interested in incorporating new styles of lighting? Pendant lights, recessed lighting, accent lighting, and lamps (along with many other popular light fixtures) can all add interesting visual appeal while upgrading your space. If you are interested in trying something new, our interior lighting designers can identify the best options for your home and manage worry-free installation.
  • How do I want my home or space to feel? Lighting greatly impacts the feel and mood of your home. Adding softer or brighter lighting can elevate a space almost instantly. Our interior lighting designers are skilled at identifying lighting options that match the ambiance you want for your home.

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Working With Dahl House Design’s Interior Lighting Designers

Dahl House Design is focused on providing you top-quality lighting solutions that complement your home. We take your vision seriously because we want every project to be unique and reflective of the individual homeowner. When working with our interior lighting designers, we will offer solutions that benefit your space while taking your personal preferences into consideration. At the end of every renovation or design project, we look enjoy seeing your satisfaction with the space and love knowing we’ve helped create your forever home.