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Selling a home is stressful and time-consuming, regardless if you decide to take on the process yourself or through a real estate agent. Many homeowners search out any possible advantages for setting their house apart from other sellers. And while upgrades, renovations and repairs can make a difference, so can home staging.

Real estate staging is a unique service that can help your home sell faster and for top-dollar. In essence, enhancing the home’s best features through design and minimizing its flaws can help prospective buyers get a glimpse of life inside your home. Compared to an empty house, real estate agents can show off the home’s benefits in real-time, giving buyers a strong sense of the home’s value.

But don’t just take it from us. According to the Denver Post, “a staged home sells in about half the time as its non-staged counterpart…and often for tens of thousands of dollars more than those not staged.”

Dahl House Design offers home staging services to help move your house off the market. Instead of waiting for an offer, consider how our services can help expedite the selling process.

How Dahl House Design’s Home Staging Service Works

Home Staging DenverOld home selling tricks like baking cookies or lighting scented candles have been used to evoke feelings of warmth and home simply because vacant spaces feel less cozy. But instead of testing old tactics, consider investing in home staging services.

After moving into a new home, your old house may sit empty — which is normal, considering all of your belongings have gone with you! Many prospective buyers view vacant homes but often have a hard time visualizing how they would use a particular room or area. Our home staging service temporarily redesigns the area by placing furniture and décor throughout the house. This creates a warm, inviting atmosphere that helps potential buyers imagine living in the space.

There’s no need to worry about extensive repairs or renovations. Our home staging services focus on the house as it is instead of costly transformations that cut into your home sale profit. While Dahl House Design does offer renovation and design services, our goal is to help your home sell in its current state.

Dahl House Design’s home staging services also focus on minimizing problematic areas that often cause buyers to turn away. Instead of putting these areas front and center or attempting to hide them, our home staging services show how they can be downplayed or worked around. With successful staging, those features are no longer “make or break” issues, and hardly detract from your home’s most appealing area.

The Benefits of Our Home Staging Services

The Dahl House Design team is focused on creating beautifully staged homes that show off your property’s best attributes. Our dedication to doing so makes a difference: staged homes sell in record time and often for more than vacant houses. Utilizing our home staging services also sets your home apart from competing homes on the market, giving it a great first impression with prospective buyers. If your home has been on the market for some time, give Dahl House Design a call on

303‑995‑7796. Our track record of successful home staging can be used in your favor.


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