Custom Window Treatments

Custom Window Treatments Colorado

Window treatments come in countless colors and styles beyond the standard mini blind. And there’s variety for a good reason: custom window treatments can add the finishing touch to any room. But as many homeowners have noticed, window treatments can be costly to install, especially if you’re not quite sure what would look best in your home or work best for your lifestyle. Fortunately, Dahl House Design offers window treatment selection services to help you make the most of your window décor, whether it be letting the light in or blocking it out.

The Benefits of Adding Window Treatments

If you’re considering adding window treatments or upgrading to a new style, know that you’re benefiting your home in the long run. Dahl House Design can help you select new window treatments that look great while providing other benefits, such as:

  • Energy savings: Blinds, curtains and other window treatments can block out sun and harmful UV rays, keeping the interior of your home cool; this is noticeably beneficial on west-facing windows that absorb much of the day’s sunlight. This added layer of protection can lead to savings on your electricity bill, especially during summer months.
  • Provide privacy: In busy neighborhoods and cities, window treatments can provide the comfort of privacy by blocking the view into your home. Dahl House Design can help you select window treatments that offer a level of comfort and protection from peeping eyes.
  • Brighten rooms naturally: Some window treatments, such as sheers, can allow natural light in while diffusing it for a softly brightened room. Dahl House Design can help you select light-friendly window treatments that illuminate a naturally dark room or area of your home.
  • Increase the value of your home: You may have noticed that window treatments are generally expensive. Beyond their actual cost, adding window treatments can increase the perceived value of your home — a great solution if you entertain frequently or are planning to sell in the future.
  • Upgraded look: Simply changing the style of your window treatments can drastically alter the appearance of a room. Dated curtains and blinds can make a room look old, and thick curtains can have a heavy effect that spreads to the rest of the room. Our designers have an eye for identifying the best window treatments to fit the mood of your room and emphasize its best features.

New window treatments can also provide other perks, such as darkening rooms for light sleepers, making cleaning easier and being more durable in a home with children or pets.

Custom Window Treatments Denver

How Dahl House Design Helps You Choose Custom Window Treatments

Finding the right style of window treatments — not to mention texture, fabric and design — can be tricky and frustrating. Our design team is skilled at selecting the best options for your home, completely taking the guess work out. We have access to countless styles. With our focus on creating a truly unique and personal room, we center the search for new window treatments on your personal preferences. After analyzing your room or home, we are able to offer window treatment options based on your individual needs and wants. From there, we can help with fabrication and installation, making our window treatment services a one-stop shop.