Construction Management

Construction Management Colorado

Undergoing a renovation or addition can be costly and stressful. If you choose to do much of the work yourself, that stress and cost can skyrocket due to unexpected costs, additional repairs or accidents. So how do you still get the look you want for your home without these issues? Dahl House Design’s construction management services can help, offering the improvements and updates you want for your home without having to manage all the gritty details.

How Construction Management Works

Construction Management DenverHanding off the management of your home’s renovation or redesign makes it easier to work through the process — while renovation can be exciting, it can also be expensive and time-consuming. Many homeowners who try to tackle renovation projects on their own find the process takes much longer than expected and costs more than budgeted.

Dahl House Design offers construction management services to alleviate these problems and help you love your home during and after renovations. Whether you choose to design one room or remodel a kitchen, our Complete Design Package makes it easy to see a project through from start to finish. Our construction management services keep you in the loop from the very beginning — determining solutions to your home needs and creating a renovation plan — and throughout the process, giving you the opportunity to make tweaks or suggestions to the plan. Unlike many construction management services and designers, Dahl House Design is focused on creating a unique and enjoyable design experience that leaves you with a truly personalized home.

From the beginning of your renovation project, we are able to take your needs, wants and budget, as well as the constraints of your space, into consideration when creating a project plan. Our conceptual design services allow you to visualize the outcome of your renovation project, giving you a strong understanding of the final design instead of just a mental image.

Our construction management services allow us to walk you through the new design of your space or home. We offer selection services for items such as:

  • Paint and color schemes
  • Window treatments
  • Fabric coordination
  • Furniture selection
  • Flooring and tile solutions and selection
  • Lighting requirements and selections

Throughout the management process, our goal is to ensure you are elated with the results.

Why Dahl House Design’s Construction Management Team Excels

At Dahl House Design, we pride ourselves on creating a home you’ll not only be satisfied with — but love. Like many designers, our Denver-based team is knowledgeable about design concepts, construction and home trends. But we differ from other interior designers by putting the focus on your needs and wants instead of our personal design preferences. You’ll never feel forced or talked into designing or renovating a room to our tastes because we believe that your home should be a reflection of you!

In addition, working with Dahl House Design gives you access to home goods and hardware that are only sold to contractors and other home design insiders, allowing us to pass on the discount to you. Let us help you save stress, time and renovation costs through our construction management services. Our goal is to create your forever home without fear of renovation.