Color Consultant

Color Consultant Colorado

Choosing a color palette for a room or your entire home can be frustrating. With such a broad variety of colors in countless shades, it can be hard to determine where to start. So what do you do when you know the current color of your home no longer suits your style, but you don’t know where to begin?

Dahl House Design’s color consultant services make it easier to define the color scheme of your home without the stress (and expense) of purchasing items or paint that just don’t work. Our color consultants narrow in on the feel you want for your home and explore color options that fit that vision. They can identify paint colors and entire palettes that give depth to your room or home.

When a Color Consultant Can Help

Choosing colors for your space seems like an easy task, yet it’s one many homeowners get hung up on. Because color is so strongly tied to mood, choosing the right scheme for your home can impact the ambiance of the room. It may be time to ask for Dahl House Design’s color consultant services if you:

  • Have countless paint chips, color samples or visions that are hard to choose from
  • Are trying to make a space look larger or brighter
  • Have differing tastes than a partner or significant other
  • Are afraid that a color may be too trendy or dated

Color consultants take your personal style, needs and the actual room into consideration when helping design a color palette that works. Dahl House Design’s color consulting services are meant to help you create a statement in your home without detracting from its natural beauty.

Color Consultant Denver

What It’s Like to Work With Our Color Consultants

Color consulting is a subjective process simply because every person has different reactions and impressions to colors. At Dahl House Design, our color consultants recognize this and work to find a color scheme that best suits your feelings and vision, regardless of our personal preferences. We are here to design a space for you and for that reason, will never force a particular color or palette. Unlike other color consultants and designers, our focus is on creating your forever home as opposed to a catalog replica or portfolio project.

Color consultations revolve around you and your preferences. This collaborative process allows us to take in the space and your ideas, then create suggestions based on your vision. After walking through your space or home, we can get a sense of what colors work best to highlight the area’s strengths, hide blemishes and create a statement. In many instances, we provide color suggestions that you may not have thought of, meanwhile avoiding colors that you just don’t like.

Don’t think that color consultations are just for homeowners intent on remodeling. Our color consultants work with families preparing to move into a home currently under construction or renovation. Dahl House Design even works with homeowners moving from afar who may have only seen their home in photos. In these cases, we can utilize floor plans, images or physical walkthroughs of your Denver home to get a sense for potential colors and design.