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Interior Designer Services Colorado

What Do Interior Designers Do?

How comfortable you are in your own space has a lot to do with interior design. In fact, the concept of interior design is all about how you experience a particular space — whether it be a cozy room that fits your personal style or a kitchen that needs a better workflow. The interior designers at Dahl House Design are passionate about ensuring your home interior design is about more than simply decorating, but instead capturing the emotions and feelings you want in your home.

Many people think that because they’ve already decorated or had the help of an interior designer years prior that interior design isn’t something they need. But nearly every space can benefit from the Dahl House Design team, who can transform your space’s flaws or help upgrade its appearance to modern and contemporary styles based on your vision.

How Interior Designers Can Help

Interior Designer Services DenverMany interior design issues can be of personal opinion, simply because every person utilizes and experiences their space differently. But, there are some common complaints among people who seek out the help of interior design firms:

  • Furniture that is no longer comfortable or suits your needs
    Some pieces may wear out or no longer fit your style. Dahl House Design can help you find furniture that matches your vision and offers placement services for a floor plan that best utilizes your space.
  • Outdated or undesirable color schemes
    Design trends come and go, but Dahl House Design can help you create a look that reflects your style and needs, not a model home or catalog. If you want to implement new styles, Dahl House Design is happy to help your space reflect just that.
  • Constant clutter
    Dahl House Design can help with storage solutions or furniture solutions that best utilize your collections and interests, showcasing your personality instead of hiding it away.
  • Outdated or lacking window treatments
    Window treatments can drastically alter the appearance of a space — and our interior designers can help select from a variety of shades, blinds, curtains and more to create the room you desire.
  • In need of upgraded flooring
    Old carpet or tile can take a room from spectacular to sub-par. Dahl House Design can provide new flooring solutions that make you proud to walk barefoot.

Dahl House Design’s full-service firm can also help when you experience large life changes that impact how you use the spaces in your home. For example:

  • Bringing home baby
    Designing a nursery in a short span of time can be stressful, but Dahl House Design can help create the perfect space for your little one.
  • Gaining new space
    Adult children heading off to college or moving out can free up room in your home. Why not reclaim that space as your own? Dahl House Design can help.
  • Selling your home
    Staging services are one of Dahl House Design’s specialties, helping you sell your home faster by creating emotional connections for prospective buyers.
  • Enjoying a new hobby
    New hobbies — large or small — may require you to dedicate some space. Let Dahl House Design help invigorate a space for you to enjoy your new passion.


Let Dahl House Design Solve Your Interior Design Dilemmas

Our interior designers can help with these design issues and more. We strive to give you the exact, one of a kind space you want and our goal is to make your home a haven for you to enjoy.

Everyone deserves a home that truly fits their personality and style preferences. Instead of wishing for new flair in your space, contact Dahl House Design on

303‑995‑7796 for a free consultation — the first step to experiencing your forever home.