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Denver interior designer Dahl House Design, LLC, has been improving area homes and spaces since 2012. As a full-service firm, Dahl House Design’s goal is to work with clients throughout the entire home interior design process in an effort to create authentic and functional spaces that truly reflect a client’s individual needs and personality. Launched by owner Christa Dahl-Grover, Dahl House Design has grown to a team-based firm that utilizes the skills of both Christa and designer Ashley Shiflett.

Christa Dahl-Grover

Christa Grover - Interior DesignerOwner/Interior Designer, Dahl House Design, LLC

Christa Dahl-Grover founded Dahl House Design, LLC in 2012 and built her skills as a Denver interior designer around her lifelong knowledge of and association with the construction business. Coupled with her unending passion for design, Christa has fused family work ethics and tradition with her strong desire to help valued clients create their dream homes and spaces.

Born and raised in the small mountain town of Leadville, Colorado, Christa grew up amidst the state’s natural beauty. At a young age, she learned to discern and appreciate true beauty and experienced firsthand the impact of an environment that makes you feel complete, whole and satisfied. Christa’s passion for interior design is reflected in the each project she completes, ultimately giving her clients a natural space to enjoy and call home.

Christa mastered her formal design education at Arapahoe Community College with an Associate of Applied Sciences degree in Interior Design. She believes that a strong business requires a strong foundation and her experience in a variety of related fields has helped Dahl House Design thrive, including:

  • Working with Chisholm Development to learn the process of building and managing a structure from the ground up
  • Developing a solid understanding of the design process along with building enduring supplier and vendor relationships through Atelier Interior Design and Mac Interior Design
  • Consulting on color application at Budget Painting, LLC, where Christa also utilized paint and wall covering products to deliver beautiful and professional projects
  • A project management role at Maxwell Builders, where she ensured execution of project specifications, adherence to building codes and regulations, and client satisfaction

Christa remains committed to her continuous professional development and keeping her design eye sharp — as well as serving clients who return for new and updated interior design services.

Ashley Shiflett

Ashley Shiflett DesignerInterior Designer, Dahl House Design, LLC

For Ashley Shiflett, everywhere from small-town Colorado to Las Vegas and Hawaii has been home. But in her heart, Ashley is a Colorado native and wouldn’t have it any other way. Her experience in retail, furniture sales, event planning and even bridal boutiques has molded her as a person and designer. Customer satisfaction and objectives have always been important throughout Ashley’s career and her prior experiences have helped shape the designer she is today — ever-changing and growing!

Ashley has worked with several talented interior designers who have helped hone her expertise. Her signature style can make an appearance in any design, but Ashley truly enjoys creating each space as a direct reflection of the client. With years of design experience, Ashley is enamored with and inspired by the entire design process. She is involved in every aspect — from construction to the final accessory placements — and is especially dedicated to problem solving in a way that makes a client’s space uniquely their own. For Ashley, the most rewarding part of her work is discovering the best ways to make her clients’ dream spaces become reality. She joined the Dahl House Design team in April 2016.

How Our Interior Designers Work Together

The relationship Christa and Ashley share is what helps set Dahl House Design apart from other Denver interior designers. Working together as a team on each project, Christa and Ashley incorporate their diverse talents to produce superior and unique design products. This partnership works to each client’s advantage by allowing Dahl House Design to exceed their expectations and achieve the best possible design solutions for each individual need.

Dahl House Design wants to help create your forever home. Are you ready to get started?