The entryway to your home is much like a first impression when you meet someone. It sets the tone for the ambiance for the rest of the home. Surprisingly, the entryway is an area that many people forget about or neglect entirely.

Entry Way Decor

Here are a few tips and tricks that make a huge impact on an entryway! 

7 Ideas to Refresh Your Entryway

  1. Add color

    If your walls have a good stopping point near your entryway, it’s a great place to add an accent color. If this isn’t the case, just continue your base paint color but add accessories or art for pops of color. Entryways are small spaces that can show unique art that may not fit with other areas in your home. 

  2. Add texture

    You can also add interest by adding a rug, a tapestry on the wall, or live edge wood furniture. Really anything with a different texture than the floor or Really anything with a different texture than the floor or wall will add interest to the entryway. Try wood in your art, shiplap on the wall, or even a plant to break up the space.

    Inviting Entryway


  3. Show off your personality

    A picture perfect entryway is great! But what really makes a space work is how it reflects the owners. Have a conversation piece out, a family picture, a trinket that holds a great memory. Each space in your home should be a reflection of you in some way and the entryway is no different. 

  4. Contain the clutter

    The entryway is commonly a place where you come in from a busy day. It may be the place where you take off your shoes, throw the mail, hang your bag or coat, or toss your keys. Having shoe storage, some hooks, or even a couple of well-placed baskets is a great way to organize the chaos. Storage can also double as a design element. Gear your entryway towards what you use it for and equip it with the storage that you need. 

  5. Vary heights 

    Typically, an entryway is a pretty small or confined space. This is a great area to utilize height where you can. Think open shelves, a shoe tree, coat rack, a mirror or pictures hung to elevate the space. If you have the space for a console table, you can place a tall vase or plant to bring your eye up as well. 

  6. Keep it welcoming 

    Warm and welcoming is the perfect vibe for an entryway. If you have a cold, outdated tile floor – try updating it with warmer tones or covering it with a fun rug. If the paint is cold and dreary, guests won’t feel welcomed into your home. Lighting is always an important issue here. If the entry feels dark, add a fun floor or table lamp to add a little warmth. 

    A Welcoming Entry

  7. Functionality is your friend 

    Above all, most entryways are a busy space in the home. Make sure that the space functions for you and your family. It will most likely have multiple uses and requirements that work best for you. Making it look great and well-planned is an added bonus! 

If you need help making your entryway fresh & updated, let us know!