DHD Top 10 Interior Design Tips

Interior Designers usually have a few standby tips that they swear by! Here are a few of Dahl House Design’s favorite ones. We have learned these through trial and error and years of experience. Hopefully passing these tips on will save you some work and headaches!

1. It’s ok to mix finishes. 
Despite what most people think, matching is not always necessary. As designers, we tend to stay away from “matchy matchy”. This goes for matching furniture sets to your finishes, Add some variety and interest by mixing things up. This doesn’t mean that things should clash! But it’s ok to break the rules a little and have some satin nickel and some oil rubbed bronze in the same space (you rebel, you). 

2. Try wallpaper! 
Wallpaper has come a long way in the past few years! It’s not your grandmother’s wallpaper anymore. There are tons of options, textures, and fun colors in wallcoverings. You can make a huge impact without breaking the bank. Wallcoverings can add a ton of drama or a great focal point. Try it, you won’t regret it!

3. Texture. texture. texture.

At Dahl House Design, we can’t get enough of texture. The juxtaposition of a soft texture against wood or metal is to die for. Mix glass with leather, poofy fabric with rustic wood, the possibilities are endless. This adds interest in your accessories, furniture, and finishes. Try different combos to see what works best in your space! 

4. Don’t be afraid of big rugs.

We as interior designers cannot stress the importance of the correctly sized rug! Nothing is worse than a furniture grouping with a rug that’s too small. Take your time, take measurements, and draw a sketch if you need to. A rug should accent a grouping, whether it be a living room, bedroom, or dining room. It should work well with your existing pieces and flooring. Here’s an added tip, if you are grouping sofas or chairs, the front feet or the whole piece should be on the rug. Don’t have your rug floating off in space. 

5. Color is your friend!

So many of our clients are scared to use color. Neutrals can be great too, don’t get us wrong! But don’t be afraid to use an accent color, if you can’t bring yourself to use it on a wall – try pillows, rugs, throws or accessories! If you need help with colors or paint consultations, Dahl House Design is here to help! 

6. Use multi-functional pieces. 

The world of furniture is endless! Take your time and try not to impulse buy. Do you research, compare quality and reviews to see what furniture works best for you and your space. Ottomans that double as storage or seating are great! Bookcases that double as a console table can serve 2 purposes. This can save space when needed, if you don’t need to save space it can minimize the amount of furniture pieces you need. The possibilities are limitless. 

7. There’s magic in mirrors.

Mirrors are one of our favorites at Dahl House Design! They can make spaces look bigger, brighter, and more open! They have the ability to bring attention to areas in your home, or disguise imperfections. Mirrors are very versatile and one of the more inexpensive accessories that can act as a statement piece. They are available in so many sizes and styles, which makes them a great go to.

8. Lighting is important!

Lighting is a design aspect that can be overlooked. As designers, we are begging you not to! Lighting is versatile, you can spend a little or a lot to make an impact. Dimmers are life changing! But if you can’t spend that now, make sure you have lamps and accent lighting. Even 3 switch bulbs can help. You can bring attention to pieces, set the right ambiance, and enhance your looks all by using the right lighting! Learn what types of lighting will work best for you in a space based on what you will be doing in that space. There are pros and cons to incandescent, LED, etc. If you need lighting designers, Dahl House Design can help!

9. Scale & proportion.

A mistake that we see a lot is scale. Too big or too small of furniture can make or break a space.  It is crucial to measure, space plan, and be certain before furnishing your home. When a room is too large, it can swallow your furniture and accessories. The same aspect applies to having an art piece that’s too large for a wall, etc. Here is a Dahl House Design article for information on this topic: https://www.dahlhousedesignllc.com/interior-design/interiorscaleproportion/.

10. Your home should be a reflection of YOU!

Most importantly, no matter what our style of interior design is, you are the homeowner! We want you to feel AT HOME in your space. Your home, the colors, the furniture and accessories should all be a representation of you and/or your family. You live there and you should feel comfortable in your surroundings, no matter what!

We hope that these interior design tips will help you! If we can help you in anyway with your home, please contact us!