Summer Decorating Tips

Summer is a great time to make a few simple changes to transition your decor. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a few pieces to freshen up your everyday decor and bring a summery feel into your home. 

Greenery & Floral 

Bringing more organic elements into your normal decor makes it feel more natural and summer like. Think aspen logs, succulents, or plants that bloom in the summertime. If you don’t have a green thumb or want to take care of plants between summer traveling and activities, go for faux arrangements! If you have the ability to change out vases or floral arrangements, mix in summer florals and colors. Bright and cheery floral arrangments in fun pots are great additions to existing furniture and accessories. 


Pillows are always a great way to get out of your comfort zone! Use bright colors, funky patterns, and fun textures. They are so interchangeable, that you aren’t ever tied to a certain style. As long as you change it up with fun pillows or throws, there is no need to change your existing furniture. If you get tired of summer-time pillows, they are mostly inexpensive and easy to change! Great for a fun revamp with no commitment. 

Lighten Up

Summer is a time for airy, light, and fun! If you have the ability to switch out your furniture or even change arrangments, now is a perfect time. Move bulky, heavy pieces that you may not need and add them back in during fall decorating. Pare down heavy or dark accessories. Mix in brighter colors or more organic elements to change things up for the season. If you want, you can go as far as changing out rugs, drapes, and bedding for the warm weather. Adding different lighting elements for the changing seasons is always a good idea! Maybe simply changing out the types of light bulbs in your fixtures, or adding floor and table lamps for accents. Don’t forget fun patio lights for the long summer nights! 

Glass Decor

Glass is such a versatile accessory. It can be used year round but I love how it looks during the summer months. It evokes a light, clean feeling. Glass vases or bottles can be paired in groups to make more of a statement, or they stand well on their own. Add a colorful floral spray to liven things up or add twinkle lights for ambiance. 

Add Color

Depending on how permanent you want your summer renovation to be, you can add paint, art, tapestries, or accessories to change things up. If you don’t want to paint your whole house, try one wall or the back of a bookcase. The possibilities are endless! Is painting too much work? Think removable wallpaper. To keep things much more simple, switch out or rearrange dull accessories and art for new pieces with more vibrant colors. Color always adds interest and there are plenty of ways to add it in, either subtly or loudly!

Change Scents

Giving up Pumpkin Spice is not easy but introduce more summerlike smells throughout your home, wherever possible. Light floral candles or wax warmers are always simple. There are also endless reed or oil diffusers. This is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to set the stage for the sunny season!