Spring fever? Time to think about redesign and remodeling! Part 1

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We all know Spring is a time of new beginnings!

As your flower gardens from last year begin their own renewal, you can take advantage of the season to redesign and remodel your home. Whether you’re freshening up living spaces for yourselves, or getting ready to enter the red-hot housing market and sell your home, you’ll only be increasing the value by making some of these upgrades.

First, consider your curb appeal.

Even small changes can make a big difference! Paint your front door to not only make it more inviting, but also to distinguish it from other homes on your block or in your complex. (Be sure to check covenants in your area.)

You can also easily change your doorknobs and hardware for a true custom look. And how about replacing those faded or chipped address numbers?

And speaking of those flower gardens, find a time on a sunny day to clean up or define your walkway. A few defining shrubs, cheery blooms lining the walk, or perky posies in planters and pots around the front door create a memorable first impression. You might also want to think about new or updated pavers, bricks, or stones for your walkway.

Also, don’t neglect your garage door! You want your home to instantly project a pleasant appearance with operational basics. Make sure the door works well (have it serviced if necessary!) and looks sturdy without chips, dings, etc.











Okay, how about the backyard?

Good question! Remodeling Magazine notes that outdoor additions are among the most popular remodeling projects.

Have you always wanted to replace that concrete patio with flagstone … or even a redwood deck? How about a firepit for those gorgeous – but sometimes chilly – Colorado evenings? Plan for as much room as you can allot (and afford) to include seating around the firepit or an outdoor table. (P.S. Look for great deals now before the summer season arrives!)

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Next, let’s go inside …

… and choose new paint colors!

Paint is always one of the easiest, least expensive – and most fun! – options to bring a refreshing change to your home. New paint by itself can transform your home’s style, character, and ambiance. Think bold accents in a previously monotone room, brightening up small spaces with light and inviting hues, or overhauling your entire living space with an eye to redecorating in a new style.

Dahl House Design

Resale note: If your goal is to sell your home with a remodel or redesign, choose more neutral colors to appeal to buyers. Let them use their imaginations to incorporate their own styles.










What is the most important upgrade for resale?

The kitchen, of course! Watch for Part 2 of our Redesign and Remodeling series. We’ll talk kitchens, fireplaces, flooring, and more.

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P.S. Don’t forget about the basement for a fun and friendly space, as well as a resale must-have! We’ll show you why in this series.
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