Pumpkin Spice Your Space!

Pumpkin Spice Latte

With fall in the air, pumpkin spice is all the rage! There are also ways to incorporate the PSL trend in interior design. We can’t seem to get enough of it, so why not sprinkle some pumpkin spice into our spaces? There are a ton of fun ways to incorporate that pumpkin and fall feel. 

Copper is warm and inviting. It evokes a feeling of autumn when mixed with certain colors and items. The hint of orange in the copper helps it coordinate with all of the fall colors. It doesn’t clash with most other finishes and furniture that you may leave out year-round.

Copper Colors

Another great metallic color for pumpkin spice season is gold! Hints of gold throughout your space are reminiscent of the myriad of colors found in autumn leaves. 

Mixing textures throughout your decor helps it stay interesting and cozy. When you think of curling up with a warm pumpkin spice latte, you can picture it with a big, soft blanket. Think wool and velvet materials; there are tons of choices out there! Mix in some plaid or flannel for some fun pattern and color. 

Adding in candles with a nice autumn scent will set the mood for an inviting room. The flames always add some nice ambiance, so you can’t go wrong!

Fall Living Room

Some great colors to keep in mind while decorating for that #PSL feeling are:

Black – use pillows, accessories, and candles to add pops of black throughout your decor. You can incorporate the feelings of fall without getting too spooky!

Gray – such a versatile color. Use grays as a neutral or as an accent color. Use this color throughout to bring in a darker, cozy fall feeling.

White / Ivory – these can be used year-round! But when little white pumpkins and ivory accessories are paired with your other autumn decorations, there are endless options!

Reds and maroons – these colors just scream fall and holiday season! Use dark reds and maroons throughout as accent colors to bring in those inviting fall leaf colors!

And of course don’t forget, actual pumpkins! Use real or fake, orange or white, whatever you feel drawn to! Mix in fun sizes and colors to fit your theme and space. Pumpkins can bring your whole fall look together. 

Now you can match your favorite space to your favorite fall drink! These are some great ways to celebrate fall without being too cheesy. Having your home feel like a warm pumpkin spice really gets you into the fall spirit!