Our Most Loved Design Apps

There are some great tools in this day and age of technology! We love having quick and easy tools to show our clients great designs and ideas.  There are tons of design apps to choose from, here is a list of the top 5 apps that we use often! We hope you find them helpful also. 

  1. Houzz

    We use Houzz nearly daily. It has anything you could need if you are considering home updates. Inspiration photos and ideas, to shopping and everything in between. You can also share idea books between designer and client, which is a feature we LOVE! Not surprisingly, we are visual people, so a picture is the most helpful tool for us. From the shared ideas, we can see what things the client likes and take that to inspire our own designs.

    Houzz Mood Board

  2. Pinterest

    Everyone has heard of Pinterest but we still rely on it to share idea boards with clients. They can make a “bathroom remodel” board and pin their little hearts away with any and every idea they like. Tile in this picture, shower in this picture, and paint color in the next! We like the user-friendly aspect of Pinterest and how many inspirational ideas you can get from it. 

  3. Wayfair

    Another widely popular website and app is Wayfair. But it has lots of neat hidden features for a designer and client relationship. The room planner boards are so easy for us to create a shopping list and a visual representation to pitch to the client. They also have awesome customer service and cost savings for designers, which we can pass on to our clients! 

    Wayfair Room Planner

  4.  Nextdoor

    This is more of a referral app but Nextdoor has been really beneficial to us. Similar to other apps, it can be used on the website or as an app on your phone. The area where you live is your neighborhood and those are the posts that you see. So, in a sense, you can ask your neighbors for a referral for a great interior designer (wink, wink), the best place to get a haircut, or announce a garage sale! It is nice getting a local opinion from real people instead of a paid advertisement. 

  5. Roomsketcher 

    We still love AutoCAD as our number one drafting tool because of how detailed you can be and the ease of making changes and edits, but Roomsketcher is a great design tool. It is very easy to use and we can create quick space plans and bring them up in 3D to really sell our design to the client. For the clients who have a hard time visualizing, this is a great option! The details aren’t always perfect but it gives an overall layout and feel of the space quickly and effectively.

If you need help creating your dream space or home, give us a call! We would love to show you how we use some of these design apps to help you envision the changes.