Make Your New Space Feel Like Home

Moving into a brand new space comes with infinite possibilities. From paint colors, to furniture, to renovations, there are a plethora of options for making your new home your ideal living space. But sometimes getting everything done can seem impossible. So, why not hire a Denver interior design expert to help turn your house into a home?

At Dahl House Design, our knowledgeable designers can assist you with everything from kitchen remodels, to color consulting and home staging. We are a full service Denver interior design company that understands how gratifying it can be to live in a space that is aesthetically tailored to your unique needs.

Now that you have moved into your new home, it’s time to be excited! Blank slates are every interior designer’s dream.

Ready to know more about how your new abode can be revamped?

Dahl House Design Team

Below are the top ways our skilled Denver interior designers can help you turn over a new leaf:


The living room is the heart of your home. It is where you spend a great portion of your life, gathered with friends and family, relaxing and unwinding. This makes the living room one of the most logical places to add the special touch of an interior designer.

As one of the leading Denver interior design companies, we like to focus on making this space functional yet spectacular to the eye. How do we do that? By matching the decor elements we choose to your personal style, maximizing lighting, and making your living room a place that will meet your needs not just today, but for years to come.

Insider Tip: Choose a focal point for your living room. Whether it is a fireplace, a piece of artwork, or your television. Once you have decided on what your focal point will be, the rest of the design can be coordinated around it.

Living Room with Fireplace Focal Point


Lighting is about more than just choosing which type of lamp shades will match your color scheme. That’s why our Denver interior design professionals concentrate on emphasizing the brightness of your space, creating dynamic lighting options that work at various times of the day, and creating the perfect mood in your home.

You’ll be amazed at how a lighting designer can transform any room simply by strategically placing light fixtures and enhancing the natural light that your space already has. It’s just one of the many talents that makes Dahl House Design your best choice for Denver home decorating.

Insider Tip: Keep your bulb colors consistent! Did you know that bulbs can create various tones of light depending on the type of bulb? Some have a more yellowish hue, while others have a crisp, ultra white cast. Keeping the tone of your lighting consistent helps create a seamless, uniform look in your home.


Is there one aspect of your new space that just isn’t working for you? Maybe it’s the outdated shower, or the wall separating your kitchen from your living space. Whatever it may be, our Denver interior designers can help you address it. We can deliver an impeccable renovation within your budget, allowing you to focus on the many other aspects of your daily life.

Did we mention that we provide you with a digital snapshot of your design beforehand, so you can visualize what your space will look like upon completion? Yet another added bonus of trusting us with your interior design.

Already stressing about the logistics of moving your furniture around and preparing your home for renovation? Local moving company Bellhops will handle the heaving lifting for you! They even offer a handy guide to living in Denver, if you’re new to the city. How fantastic is that?

Insider Tip: When renovating your bathroom, your toilet should never be the first thing you see when opening your door. When the door to your lou is left open, guests will be able to directly see your commode. To create a more pleasant experience, tuck your toilet behind a separation wall or make another element of your bathroom the focal point. Even having your toilet placed on the far side of a large, eye-catching sink or vanity can improve the look and feel of your rest room.

Before & After Bathroom

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