Keeping Your Living Room Furniture Clean During the Holidays

Whether you’re relaxing or entertaining, your living room should be a warm and inviting hub to gather in during the holidays. Since this spot will be popular among guests, it’s important to make sure this space doesn’t fall victim to common offenses that can damage your furniture.

The furniture in your space should reflect a comfortable, family-friendly vibe, so make sure you incorporate a spacious sofa that still leaves enough room for traffic flow–this will be a big help to prevent accidental spills and messes! You can’t go wrong by adding a couple cozy chairs or a functional ottoman to complement your current seating arrangement and encourage conversation.

Keeping your living room furniture clean isn’t easy, especially during the holidays. With kids, pets, spouses, guests, jobs, and so on, it can seem nearly impossible. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! Follow the tips below and make this holiday season stress-free by being proactive about your furniture care and cleaning routine.

Be proactive, not reactive

Successfully tackle tough stains and messes that can potentially damage your furniture, you should be proactive, not reactive. Being prepared in advance improves your odds of properly maintaining your furniture, especially during the holidays when more people are occupying your living space. So how do you be proactive?
● Start caring for furniture from day one. Good furniture care practices begin once you purchase your piece and bring it home and set it up. Protect leather furniture with a conditioning wax, like Otter Wax, to help maintain its shiny appearance.
● Put together a cleaning caddy. Prepare a cleaning caddy that includes proper cleaning products to treat your furniture. You can learn how to create a perfectly stocked cleaning caddy here. Customize your caddy based on the material of your furniture and how often you’ll be cleaning items. Re-stock cleaning items regularly, so you don’t have to worry about running out or not having what you need at the moment a mess occurs.
● Use proper cleaning products. Every piece of furniture is unique, so make sure you pay attention to furniture care instructions, so you are cleaning and treating them appropriately. Ignoring labels and using harsh products can damage furniture beyond repair.

Develop a cleaning routine

Routines provide structure in your life that is needed to be more productive and to reach your full potential. Creating and committing to healthy routines will free up your time and help you achieve your goals, making you feel at ease and happy. Simple habits like cleaning are great, especially during the holiday season when stress is high, and messes occur more frequently. When you have a regular cleaning routine in place it will be easy to manage unexpected spills or messes.
● Keep your routine simple. Your furniture care routine doesn’t have to take up a large chunk of your time. Instead, create a weekly cleaning schedule that works for your lifestyle. Committing even twenty minutes weekly to caring and cleaning your furniture will help maintain a “like-new” appearance.
● Be consistent. Vacuum furniture weekly to remove surface dust (and those pesky crumbs from your delicious holiday treats). Wipe down furniture with a soft, damp cloth (we recommend using microfiber cloths) to remove any visible stains and avoid abrasive brushes or cleaning products that could damage the upholstery.

Determining what furniture is right for your lifestyle doesn’t have to be stressful. And while no kid, pet or life proof options exist, certain materials might better suit your needs. Consider this when you are picking out new couches, chairs, tables, and any other items for your living room.
● Busy families and pet owners. Choosing leather furniture pieces for your living space is an excellent option if you are very busy or have pets. Leather doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and is easy to clean if you are able to tackle a stain immediately. Also, its durable nature will last for years if you properly care for it. Certain types of leather, like rawhide leather pieces, age beautifully and look better with scuffs and scratches–so you don’t have to worry too much about your kids or pets damaging the material.
● Young families. Little ones tend to make messes more frequently, so choose a furniture fabric that is stain-resistant and easy-to-clean. To make life easier, consider purchasing a slipcovered sofa, that way you can throw the cover in the washing machine as soon as messes happen. Here are some slipcovered sofa options for your family-friendly household.

Every family is different, so cleaning routines and furniture choices will vary depending upon individual needs. Despite this, one thing will remain the same for everyone this holiday season: maintaining furniture is a task that can easily be tackled if you set aside time for it and plan ahead!