Dahl House Design Packages 

If you have never worked with an interior designer before, you may not know what to expect. Every interior design company has their way of conducting business. These are interior design packages offered by Dahl House Design. These interior design packages are based on the extent of each project. Many people think that they can’t afford a designer or don’t know how the design process works. These packages can vary for each project but this is a general guideline of how we base our pricing structures and design process. We would love to set up a design consultation with you or answer any questions if you’re considering working with an interior designer. 

Per Hour/As Needed

If your project will not need up to 5 design hours, paying per hour is the best option!

*If you would like to hire us on an as needed basis, the hourly rate provides options without being locked into a package and can be canceled at any time.

Staging (priced per project)

*Stage a vacant home with rented furniture

*Set up, delivery and haul away after home sells

*Monthly rentals available from 1 room to an entire home

*Help de-clutter occupied homes for sell

*Work with realtors to get remodel pricing estimates for sellers and buyers

Design Consultation (One time visit)

The Design Consultation Package is best for one of the following:

*One time Interior Paint Color Consultation for 1 hour on site, as well as providing details of selections

*One time Exterior Paint Color Consultation for 1 hour on site, as well as providing details of selections

*One time space planning of 1 room for up to 1.5 hours

*A shopping trip for furniture or materials to be purchased by client. Up to 1.5

*Window treatments

Basic (5 Design Hours)

The Basic Design Package is recommended for one of the following:

*Furniture or accessory shopping  (1 room)

*Space planning (1 room)

*Layout drawings (1 room with 1 revision)

*Material selection (1 Room)

*A combination of services listed in the hourly or consultation packages.

Classic (10 Design Hours)

Our Classic Design Package is recommended for:

*Furniture or accessory shopping & placement

*Space planning

*Material selection


*Plumbing or electrical changes

*Paint color selections

*Design designated in 1 to 2 rooms)

Premium (15 Design Hours)

Our Premium Design Package is recommended for:

*Construction drawings

*Material selection

*Furniture shopping for 2-3 rooms

*work with your contractor of choice for a design

*A combination of services listed in previous packages for up to 3 rooms

*Window treatments of fabric selections

Luxury (20+Design Hours)

Our Luxury Design Package is best for:

*Design-build projects

*Full remodel projects

*Project management

*Construction drawings

*Lighting design

*Custom furniture design

*Structural / Exterior changes

*Furniture & accessory selections throughout

*Custom window treatments


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