How to Make the Most of Your Square Footage

Looking to make the most of your square footage? 

With the growing population in the cities, homes are becoming smaller than ever, especially in urban areas.  Moreover, people continue to move towards urban towns for work, which are densely populated due to more availability of work. They choose to live in small apartments due to high costs of living.

People in cities pay a hefty amount of their income to rent a small apartment. As the needs grow, they buy more household items and appliances because of which the living space becomes much smaller. In order to create the living space, you need to find out ways to make the most of your square footage.

Here are some quick solutions that you can use to make the most of your living space and get the feeling of a bigger house:

Make an Entrance Hall

If your home is small and your entrance door is in the living room, you should create a separate entrance hall by introducing some new design elements. It’s good to create a small wall, lower the ceiling and use some decorative lights that can help define the space better.

Paint it in a Light Color


Painting a room in white or any other light color makes it feel large. Light colors also reflect more light, making the furniture look brighter and creating the illusion of open space. If you like white shades, you can use white color to paint the walls of a small room. You can add more lights to your room to create the effect of more space.

Create a Master Suite

A single washroom is a common problem seen in older and smaller houses. Sometimes, it is very difficult if everyone needs to pass through your bedroom to reach the washroom. You could get the washroom reconfigured by adding a door from the living room to access it from there.

 It is possible to do it, and a creative architect would show you how it can be done.  So before creating new doors in the wall of the living room, you need to consult an experienced builder like home designs Gold Coast to get it done right.

Use Sliding Walls


A living room can be converted into two small rooms using a sliding wall. When you need one more bedroom, you can use a sliding wall to make it in your living room. Also, it’s a good idea to use the sliding wall in the kid’s playroom as it is not used all the time. When you need an additional room for guests, you can use the kid’s playroom to create one. New home builders brisbane  helps people with sliding walls and many other space defining ideas.

Scale Down the Furniture

Don’t buy bulky furniture if you have a small living room space. Instead, get a narrow one with clean lines and skinny arms. You can also buy aluminum and glass furniture that is light and fold-able. Nowadays, fold-able furniture is available in the local markets, which could save your living space better.

Use Multipurpose Storage Furniture



Choose the furniture with space for storage like tables with shelf below and a sofa that can be converted into a bed. Using dual purpose and storage furniture saves space, and you don’t need to buy additional storage to store your things. You can use floating furniture like shelving to add more space to your room.

Use the Vertical Space

For smaller rooms, try to utilize as much as wall space using bookshelves, tall dressers rather than making them large and wide. Make small shelves on your walls where you can place books and other items to free some space in your rooms. Hang up your cutlery on the walls and make a floating bar area.

Make use of the Corner Space

People often overlook the corners of the living room and bedroom. Instead of leaving the corners empty, place a chair or bookshelf in the corner of a room to create some space in the center of the room. You could even make it a reading nook or place a table and chair to sit and work on your computer. Making use of empty corners to place some items can free some space in the sitting area of a room.

Make your Windows Look Bigger

Try hanging the curtains above the curtain rod near the ceiling and beyond the sides of window panes. You will need to buy curtains slightly larger than the size of your windows. This will not add any extra space in your room, but it will make your window look larger creating an illusion of a bigger room.

Giant Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors create the illusion of depth. Interior designers use this trick to make the small space appear more open and large. You can use a mirror on the wall according to the size of your space. This trick works best when you use a single mirror instead of various small frames to cover your wall. A giant mirror looks like an open space and makes you feel like there is another room in the mirror.

Avoid Clutter and Organize

If your space is small and you place all the things in a single room, it looks congested and smaller. You should avoid placing everything into a single room. Place your things in a way that there should be some space between the items and the wall. Moreover, items should have some space in between them.  Also, organize the things and remove the items that don’t need to be left out.

Using these ideas in your home will make it look bigger and create some more living space. The best thing about these ideas is that you don’t need an interior designer to implement them. These ideas are easy to apply, you could do them yourself. You will be able to enjoy all the luxury of spacious homes, even in your small apartment. If you are located in or near Queensland, you can consult home designs Gold Coast to help you make the most of your square footage.