Looking to change up your bedroom next year? Look no further than these trends to help you create a room that is comfortable and trendy. Some of these trends won’t even require you to buy new furniture or paint your walls!

Hanging Lamps

Most people like to have a soft light in the bedroom, but they also need one that is bright enough to read by. Enter hanging lights, instead of the traditional bedside lamp. These can be minimalist or artistic, and some folks are even hanging chandeliers in the bedroom for some added flavor. Find one that goes with your current decor and save space on your bedside table today.

Making a Mess

Do you stack books on your bedside table? Arrange them artistically to look slightly messy and askew. Similarly, arrange any bedroom bookshelves to look slightly disheveled. This messy room looks inviting because it looks lived in, and it is a carefully cultivated mess designed just for this purpose. You can even stack your blankets haphazardly, leave a drawer part way open, and put the shades halfway up.

Designing Your Room Online

Another trend that will only continue to become more popular is designing and buying products for your bedroom. There are various websites that will let you input your room and potential furniture dimensions, then move the pieces around to see how they will look in different arrangements. Some sites will let you actually upload photos of pieces or show you how items from their stock would look in your room.

Once you know how you want your room to look, you can also buy furniture online. While some people enjoy going to the furniture store, a dread of this task doesn’t have to keep you from changing your room any longer. You can buy everything from your carpet to your mattress online, and why shouldn’t you?

Golden Highlights

Whether it’s a nightstand, the chain on your hanging bedroom lamp, the bookends on your dresser or something else, shiny gold is the color for bedrooms in 2018. Think about using it as an accent, though, or it will take over your bedroom completely. Also, think about how the sun comes into the room and don’t put gold anywhere where it might shine glare into your eyes while you’re in bed.

Minimalism Plus

If you have a minimalist bedroom, consider adding one over-the-top accessory this year. This will make your bedroom pop as more than just a run-of-the-mill minimalist escape. Think about adding a luxurious bed spread, some fancy pillows, or even an overstuffed chair. Make sure that the piece you add is something you love and will use, to make the room particularly yours.

A new year…a new you…and a new bedroom, too! Even if you don’t buy anything new, embrace one or two of these trends to make your room look different for the new year. Who knows what other changes your new room might inspire you to make?