Have a Blast Adding Patriotic Flair to Your Home!

The 4th of July is a great time to decorate your home and show your patriotic spirit. Our designers have gathered some festive yet tasteful 4th of July décor to inspire your living areas! Celebrate the upcoming holiday by adding patriotic touches throughout your home.


Some easy decorations can create a festive holiday theme by adding colors of the American flag that make any room bold, brilliant and fashionable. The combination of blues, vibrant reds and pristine white work well naturally, making it pleasant in any heart-filled room. This creative theme can also be integrated by adding flags, accent pillows, quilts and area rugs.

Master Bedroom with Blue Accents


Let our talented interior designers assist you with selecting fresh paint colors to enrich any room. Creating a specific mood along with exemplifying your theme can be accomplished by adding subtle blues and bold reds as an accent wall. 


Adding a few new lighting elements for the patriotic season is always a good idea! Simple changes such as new shades, light bulbs, or changing fixtures will give any room a unique ambiance. Also, don’t forget fun patio lights to enjoy the dance of fireworks!

Warm & Inviting Fireplace


Summer is a great time for being buoyant, airy, and fun! Try switching out your furniture and move bulky or heavy pieces to a less occupied room until fall.  Mix in brighter colors and more organic elements to compliment the season.  Accents such as festive throw rugs, window treatments and colorful bedding can also enhance the holiday celebration.




Cozy Corner with Accent Pillows













Kitchen Remodel

If you are considering big changes to your home, there is no better time than summer! Traditionally, kitchens were built near the back of the house and were much smaller spaces for many years. Today, it is paralleled with the other main living quarters, and is considered to be the main attraction. Our designers will work alongside you crafting this space to be unique and personable by adding favorable color, hardware and cabinetry to the overall design.

Festive Blue Accent Tile












Mixing Finishes

Mixing metals and different finishes can create a chic and modern design by integrating silver fixtures and gold details throughout newly installed cabinets.  This creates an unexpected and unique touch. Mixing metals doesn’t have to be too dramatic. Instead, choosing two similar styles, non-identical can be an affordable, exceptional and trendy.

Rustic Woods

Using organic materials will never go out of style, the texture adds warmth and nature. Adding reclaimed wood not only adds a sense of history, but it can also become a great conversation piece from a family memory. For example, sharing a story from a great experience at grandma’s house can be done by incorporating the rustic barn doors, shelving and even ceiling beams from the family home.

Rustic Barn Doors with Blue Accent Wall

We hope these ideas for interior design will spark some interest and excitement this Independence Day! Remember to have a blast decorating for the occasion! If you would like to get started on bringing the excitement back into your home décor give us a call to set up a free consultation with one of our professional designers. 

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