An issue we always hear from customers about is how to find the right table size. There are a lot of guidelines to choosing the correct table size, height, and seating amount. This is a quick guide to simplify what to look for and how to find the correct sizes.

A good rule of thumb is to allow at least 24-30″ space for each chair at a table. This gives each guest plenty of room for a place setting and elbow room. Also, take into consideration the wall space on each end of the table. To give people enough room to scoot in and out, there needs to be at least 36″-42″ of space. This will also allow a path for people to walk around if needed.

Some general size guidelines are: 72″ long rectangle table will comfortably fit 6 people comfortably / a 60″ round table will fit 6 


Normal dining tables are 30″H which usually requires seats with a seat height of 18″H. If a table is counter height, that means it is usually 36″H. A counter height chair or stool should have a seat height of 24″H. Bar height refers to tables or counters that are 42″H. A bar height chair or stool should be 30″H. 

It is a lot of information to keep in mind, but table size and height can make or break a dining room! When shopping for the perfect table and chairs, have your dining room dimensions and the number of people you would like to seat. At Dahl House Design, we can help you with shopping, space planning, and many other interior design issues! We are happy to help you reach your design goals and create your forever home.