Glass Shower Door Styles

There are many different shower door styles. A basic understanding of the different options and what you are drawn to will help you identify the best fit for your home. 

Fully Framed

A framed shower enclosure has a metal frame around the entire glass structure. The frame also surrounds the door. The frames are available in many different metal finishes. Fully framed tends to be a more traditional style. 

A framed sliding glass door has a metal or aluminum track. A pivot door opens outward. 


Framed Glass Door


A Semi Frameless shower enclosure also has metal around the entire structure but does not have metal around the door itself. Sometimes it has metal on the bottom to control drip, or on top to steady the glass depending on shower size.

Semi-Framed Shower Glass


Frameless shower enclosure.  Usually, a frameless door is attached by hinges. Clips are used on the fixed panels. This is a more modern design. 

Frameless Angled Shower Enclosure


Euro shower enclosures are the least amount of metal or aluminum on a shower that you can get. The glass will either have small clips or the glass will meet at an angle with no metal at all. This is the most modern and most spacious glass design. 

Euro Style Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

Steam Shower

Steam Shower Glass Enclosure goes all the way to the ceiling to hold in the moisture and create a steam shower. The preparation for this type of installation requires more construction in the walls. 

Steam Shower Enclosure

We can help you choose the glass shower door type that will work best for your needs. Contact Dahl House Design today for help with creating your dream bathroom!