Before and After Part 1

Residential Interior Designer Denver

We have updated our Youtube channel with a new before & after video. It is one our favorite things to see the transformation of a project from beginning to end. This video showcases just a few examples of projects we have recently completed. The before and after pictures really give you an idea of how much goes into designing an area. Residential projects can range from just painting or space planning all the way to full remodels that require demolition. Depending on what the scope of work is for a project, the time from beginning to end will vary. Once completed, sometimes it is hard to remember what the original space looked like. These pictures are a great reminder and we always try to snap at least 1 picture before we get started. Please take a look at the video below to get an idea of what we can help with in your own home. Dahl House Design offers 1 hour design consultations if you are interested in making changes, big or small to your home! We love helping clients achieve their design goals. 


Before and After Part 1 - Residential Interior Designer Denver
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