Custom Window Treatments 101

When it comes to window treatments, there are so many options out there. It’s hard to make sense of all of them and to know what will actually fit your needs. Bringing in an interior designer can be a huge help in the window treatment department. It can be extremely overwhelming when choosing what you may need for your windows. Tons of different factors come in to play when deciding what will ultimately work best for you. 

As interior designers, that’s where we can help narrow down and hone in on what options will work for you. Most obviously, we need to know which room or rooms we are covering windows in. What do you use the room for, which way does the window face, how much light do you want to let in? From there, we can move to what look you would like to achieve. In some cases, the window treatment may not even be functional, just a decorative accent. 

There are hard window treatments which include shutters and blinds. These come in many different styles and designs. Although they are called “hard”, there are also soft looks like cellular shades or roller blinds. 

Then, there are soft window treatments. Think draperies and valances. These can be functional or decorative. They can stand alone or accent a hard treatment. If the drapes don’t shut or only hang to the sides of the window, they are just for aesthetic value.

As interior designers at Dahl House Design, we have plenty of experience in window treatment design. We can come up with custom designs that will meet your needs as well as your budget. Working closely with you enables us to make the right decisions on the types of light coverage, the hardware, fabric or colors, and the installation. This way, guess work and surprises are eliminated.