We have been getting a lot of questions and comments about backsplash lately, so we thought it would be a good topic to discuss on our blog. Dahl House Design offers interior design services that often involve bathroom and kitchen remodels. With that in mind, we love to learn about new trends and styles in backsplashes. Of course, this blog is only our opinion and is open to interpretation depending on your personal style.

Kitchen Backsplash 

Kitchen Backsplash

There are countless options for backsplash tile out there. Many factors go into choosing what’s right for the kitchen. We take into account the homeowner’s personal style, the style throughout the rest of the home, cabinet color, counter top color, the amount of natural light, the kitchen layout, and more!

A common, generic backsplash is the 4″ splash that can come with counter tops. This look doesn’t do much for your kitchen. If anything, if you add a backsplash on top of the 4″ splash, it makes the look more choppy. We recommend choosing something that ties into your counter and cabinet colors. If your cabinets are dark, it is usually best to do a lighter color in backsplash so that your whole kitchen doesn’t end up looking too dark. Glass and stone linear mosaic tile is a great way to bring in multiple colors. Subway tile is also a very versatile and clean look that is trending right now. 

If you have a wall that is taller than the rest of your cabinet walls, it is a great place to add some drama and detail with backsplash. Instead of keeping the backsplash only from the counter up to the bottom of the cabinets, go all the way up to the ceiling on the taller wall. 

Grout is also an important element to backsplash style. You can choose a grout close to the color of your backsplash tile or a contrasting color to make it more dramatic. 

Bathroom Backsplash 

Bathroom Backsplash

Backsplash in the bathroom is a great place to add some personality and fun. Usually the space is smaller, so you can choose a more patterned or colorful tile. Mosaics, penny rounds, or glass backsplashes are some looks that we love right now. If the bathroom has a shower, try to coordinate an accent tile from the shower into the backsplash. That really gives the bathroom a custom feel. 

Additionally, running backsplash vertically rather than horizontally can really change the look and feel in a bathroom. Of course, this can’t always be done depending on the bathroom or the tile being used but it can add a unique feature.  Texture, color, or different sizes are a great way to add interest in bathroom backsplash. 

Ultimately, the homeowner is the user of their home and we want to make sure they are happy with the spaces. If you may need help with backsplash selection or install, please contact us!

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