6 Ways to Pumpkin Spice up Your Home

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Pumpkin spice is back on the grocery shelves and on the menu at Starbucks. That means that fall is here—despite the relatively warm weather we experienced just a few short weeks ago. If you’re not feeling it yet, think about bringing the fall decorating into your home. Autumnal hues bring drama and natural allure to any space.

Here are 6 fall decorating ideas you can steal for your home:

  1.  Add some color to your front door. Add a wreath or other hanging to add some fall color to your door. Use dried leaves, seedpods or interested twigs to give it a rustic look. Or give your front door a complete overhaul by painting it with a color that provides a contrast with your brick or siding. A rich red, sage green or a burnt orange will give your door a warm, welcoming look.

    Fall Wreath


  2.  Perk up your room with paint – One of the simplest ways to perk up a room is to add some color to boldly accent a wall or your fireplace mantel. It’s a quick and cost-effective way to dramatically transform your space. Or add some interesting autumn artwork, like pressed leaves or a fall landscape or a harvest scene.

Autumn Paint Colors


  1.  Use accents to warm up your living room. When you have a neutral base, it’s easy to customize your living room for every season. Try vases and flower arrangements for your coffee or end table. Or add pillows and a throw to your sofa. There’s nothing better than a cozy blanket on a cool fall day and a pillow that just invites you to nap in front of the fireplace—especially if they’re soft and snugly. You can use oranges, rusts, or brick red accents to give a neutral piece of furniture a pop of color.

  1.  Bring a touch of pumpkin spice to the bathroom – Change out your air freshener with an amazing fall scent, then supplement that with pumpkin-spice-scented candles, potpourri, and bath salts. You can never get enough of these amazing smells in the fall. And the candles can be decorative if you group two or three in autumn colors.

  1.  Add “spicy” warmth to the bedroom – Change the look of your bedroom by switching out your quilt or duvet with a fall-themed comforter or blanket. It can be a heavier weight than you use in the summer. Continue with new pillow shams, a throw, and a lampshade that illuminates your room in warm yellow light.

  1. Pumpkin decorations – It may not be Halloween yet, but pumpkins are definitely a fall staple. Adding pumpkins to your decor, whether real or fake, will get you into the autumn spirit and complement the new colors you’ve added to your living room, bathroom, and bedroom. Plus, when it gets closer to October 31, you’ll be all set to carve them into spooky Jack-O-Lanterns. 


It doesn’t take much to ready your home for fall – just a few cozy accessories in the warm colors of autumn will do the trick. So put away your lightweight fabrics and bright colors until spring rolls around. Turn to cozy texture and earth-toned color through the cooler months.

The colors of fall are a great accent color for your décor both inside and out.

Our Favorite Fall Colors: