What is a color consultation & do you need one?

Color Consultation Denver

If you have ever painted a room or even a wall on your home, you understand the challenges of paint color. The completely overwhelming feeling of too many choices in the paint aisle is not new. To be absolutely honest, it can happen to us too. But we have are here to help you! Dahl House Design has been a part of many paint consultations and it’s something we really enjoy.

Painting is one of the easiest, cost effective ways to make a change in your home. It is often a great place to start if you are on a budget and can possibly make other changes in your design in the future. One of the trickiest things about paint is how great it looks on a paint chip as compared to how it looks on a large scale. Sometimes the color is too blue, too green, or too gray. The possibilities are endless.

Dahl House Design can help you narrow down and take a lot of the guess work out of paint colors. At a paint consultation, we meet you at your home and go over the rooms or areas you are looking to paint. We take into consideration what the rest of your finishes are, your furniture, your style, and what you are trying to accomplish. For example, if you are going for a spa like bathroom, you probably wouldn’t want a loud or distracting color. These consultations can vary in time depending on how many areas you may be painting, but they can usually be a one time visit.

We can help you narrow down your paint chips and make sense of the endless array of color options. Most importantly, you are the end decision maker. You are the one living with these colors! We want the colors to reflect you, or your family, your style, and your personality. After we go over color options and decide on our best choices, it is always best to get actual paint samples. Different lighting makes a huge difference. Painting small samples on the walls allow you to live with the colors for a few days and make sure you are happy!

Color consultations are an easy and budget friendly way to get a big change. They are also fun, clients are usually pleasantly surprised by how exciting the process can be. We will provide you with all of the info you or your contractor may need on the colors we select together.

Contact us today on 303‑995‑7796 for a color consultation if we can be of assistance to you!