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Creating beautiful living spaces that fill your lifestyle needs

Whether you are looking to transform an old room after children head off to college, finally find a solution for an awkwardly shaped area or undertake that long dreamed of remodeling project, Dahl House Design can lead you every step of the way to ensure your design vision is met.

Dahl House Design can also help showcase the best parts of your home and modify problematic areas — a helpful solution for homeowners and realtors looking to sell a home. Our “design to sell” service enhances your home’s visual and emotional appeal to reel in potential buyers. This staging service inspires buyers to and helps your home sell quickly at top-dollar, saving the stress and expense of long-time market listings.

How Dahl House Design’s Interior Designers Can Help

Our skilled interior designers offer a variety of residential and interior design services to help improve your home, work or living space, including:

Kathy, Castle Rock CO

“We can’t say enough about the quality of the work and professionalism of her crew. Their communication with us to ensure we got what we wanted was exceptional. We are so happy that we chose Dahl House Design.”

- Kathy , Castle Rock, CO

Sarah, Denver CO

"I'm convinced the team of contractors they work with are some of the best in the city. I would hope to work with Christa and her team again in the future and they are all a pleasure to be around."

- Sarah, Denver CO

Charol & Dan, Denver CO

“We benefited significantly from Christa's expertise, time, and oversight of construction. She nailed tile design and color scheme with ideas we never considered, and followed through on helping us pick tile, paint, and fixtures. ”

- Charol & Dan, Denver, CO

Carrie, Arvada CO

"We are absolutely thrilled from our experience with Christa! She has great design taste and made sure our voices were heard on details throughout the process. We highly recommend her!"

- Carrie, Arvada CO

Paul, Parker, CO

“My wife and I and everyone who sees the transformation loves the design and attention to detail. I highly recommend Dahl House Design for remodeling jobs whether big or small.”

- Paul, Parker, CO

Alma, Lakewood, CO

“We lived in Chicago and she did a renovation of our house all by herself, consulting with me via face time. She was amazing, reliable, easy to reach, she helped with deliveries, mail, dealing with my neighbors, and all the work that needed to be done."

- Alma, Lakewood, CO

Based in scenic Colorado, Dahl House Design has a team of passionate designers who are dedicated to helping clients bring beauty and functionality to their homes and workspaces. Dahl House Design’s innovative interior designers are exceptionally skilled and have given new life to problematic or dated areas since 2012.

Dahl House Design knows that interior and residential design is about more than simply picking paint colors, selecting furniture or offering home decoration ideas. For Dahl House Design, the entire process is centered on your personal needs and tastes to ensure that the designed area is a perfect fit and that you are happy with the end result. We believe that no home should be a catalog replica and our design team is excited to help you convert an outdated or unusable space into something functional and enjoyable.

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Choosing Dahl House Design as Your Denver Interior Designer

Many people pass up the help of home interior design teams, for fear that a redesign project will be too costly, too much work or that the final product won’t fit their style. But Dahl House Design serves clients on projects of all sizes, working to create solutions that match each homeowner’s unique needs, style preferences or life changes — not to mention budget.

Dahl House Design is dedicated to providing you with a level of service that is both memorable and unmatched in the industry. Our relentless attention to detail and talented eye for design ensures a quality project and an enjoyable design experience — every time. Each Dahl House Design solution is implemented with the goal of giving clients a truly unique, enjoyable and useful space to be proud of. We want to help you create your forever home.

Do you have a home interior design vision or just don’t know where to begin? Consider a Dahl House Design consultation to begin creating the home of your dreams.

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